"The artists of Public Art Works bring a valuable set of skills to help you enhance any public space. First and foremost, they are artists. They have the training and the talent to help determine artistic options for your space, given your particular needs, budget, and vision. Then they help you find the art among local or renowned artists. From start to finish they are professional, cost-effective, and a pleasure to work with. Your end result will be an amazing transformation that goes beyond your original hopes. You won’t be able to imagine your space without their incredible additions!"

Analee Wulfkuhle, Health Care Consultant


 "Public Art Works, a group of 5 professional artists, has effectively combined their artistic skills to provide a collection of colorful, imaginative ceiling tiles for the Hasbro Children’s Hospital Center for Pediatric Imaging.

These uniquely crafted tiles provide a blend of visual stimulus, distraction and inspiration to help support a child and family through medical examination and imaging procedures.

Aside from providing the pleasure of looking at the delightful and fun images depicted, the tiles also provide an important adjunctive service. They offer a talking point for the staff and parents. The clinical manager will ask a child to make up a story about the tile, while undergoing induction of sedation and then ask the child to continue the story during recovery from sedation following the procedure. While improving the aesthetic atmosphere of the imaging center, the tiles help patients to better cope with their medical procedures."

Paula Most
Coordinator for the Arts


“We have been very fortunate to have very talented artists from Pubic Art Works involved with the building of the Pediatric Imaging and Sedation Center. Paintings and have been utilized as a tool to create a friendly, less fearful atmosphere appreciated by children of all ages. Rather than crying fearfully through an exam, the small child is engaged in a story thus engaging the child's attention long enough to pleasantly complete a short imaging study. We look forward to further collaboration between the artists and clinical staff in the development of a unique, creative and positive hospital environment representing the best of the Ocean State.

Joan M Holden RN, MSN, CPNP-AC
Clinical Coordinator, Ctr. for Pediatric Imaging & Sedation
Hasbro Children's Hospital


“Instead of a cold institutional room, this project transformed our pediatric M.R.I. suite into a friendly room. The friendliness of the room encourages the children to dispel their fears and facilitates an M.R.I. exam without motion and anxiety.”

Dr. John Cronan
Radiologist-in-chief, Rhode Island Hospital
Professor and Chairman, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University


“The new artwork is much appreciated. It softens our sterile medical environment. The hospital and pediatric imaging center can be a frightening environment for children and their parents. The art work in our exam rooms creates an inviting rather than frightening environment. It serves as a wonderful distraction to our pediatric patients thereby assisting us in performing of imaging studies. The exams are performed faster and there is less stress to the child as a result.”

Dr. Thaddeus Herliczek
Assistant Professor, Diagnostic Imaging Director, Pediatric Diagnostic Imaging
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
Hasbro Children's Hospital, Women and Infants' Hospital


“We had a visit today from JACHO. When they entered our pediatric CT Scan area, I brought them into the scan room and showed them our new mural. They were extremely impressed with all of our artwork and how our environment depicts to our pediatric patients and their families that they are an essential part of our healthcare mission.”

Jill McLaughlin
Registered Technologist Radiology, Computerized Tomography (RTRCT)
Hasbro Children's Hospital


“We have found that the art work in our exam rooms have become a great focal point for the children. It has given them something to look at and focus on during their exams. A lot of the children get a kick out of the fish taking their picture while we are taking an x-ray. It has helped reduce the amount of repeat x-rays for motion, because the children are so focused at looking at the art work."

Stephanie McLaughlin
Technologist, Pedi-Imaging
Hasbro Children's Hospital


“Our partnership with Public Art Works is a win-win situation for everyone – the artists, our staff and our visitors. We are delighted to showcase the talent of Rhode Island artists. At the same time, we believe viewing art can play a tremendous role in enhancing one’s well-being.”

Diana Franchitto
President & CEO
Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island