A Perfect Balance between Nature and Abstraction Photographs by Brooke Hammerle

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island (HHCRI), the state's leader in hospice and palliative care since 1976, highlights the work of Rhode Island artists in its fourth season 2013, at its 1085 North Main St., headquarters in Providence.

Making art accessible through public and private partnerships is just one of the objectives that makes Public Art Works, a group of professional Rhode Island-based artists, an important entity in the promotion of art in public space. Public Art Works (PAW), began working with HHCRI toward the end of 2009. "The Arts in Healthcare have grown into an international movement that works to infuse the full spectrum of the arts into healthcare settings, resulting in programs and healthcare environments that are welcoming and uplifting for caregivers, patients, their families, and visitors." – Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Public Art Works.

"Art can have a powerful and positive impact on one's well being, emotions, attitudes and beliefs," says Diana Franchitto, president & CEO of Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island. "All of us at HHCRI continue to enjoy the eclectic works of art that our collaboration with Public Art Works allows us to view and appreciate."

Providence, Rhode Island resident, Brooke Hammerle has been a photographer since the 1980's shooting landscapes in color on transparency film in 35MM, 21/4, and 4x5 formats. In 1999, she discovered ink jet printing on paper from high resolution digitally scanned transparencies. This process became the realization of her aesthetic vision. More recently, in 2010, she began shooting with a digital camera, using the monitor as her transparency.

"My vision in photography came through painting. It was light; it's mysterious and mercurial quality and ability to capture the visual world through the lens that drew me to the camera. My work belongs to photography in that the image is a moment in time created by light captured through a lens. But through my background as a painter, the camera becomes a tool of reimagining photography's traditional elements in search of another unity. Points of focus and depth of field become sublimated into the more plastic elements of color space, and a balance between nature and abstraction." – Brooke Hammerle

Artists interested in submitting their work may visit www.publicartri.com for additional information. For more information about Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island's services, visit www.hhcri.org or call 401-415-4200.

Public Art Works
Public Art Works is a group of professional Rhode Island based artists working to promote art in public spaces. Inspired by a shared belief that art is essential for the common interests and well-being of the community, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Kenneth Speiser and Merle Mainelli Poulton have joined together in a collaborative effort to identify and/or create site specific works of art for public and private installation.

Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island
Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island, the major teaching affiliate for hospice and palliative medicine of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, is the largest hospice in Rhode Island and the second oldest in the nation. For more than three decades, HHCRI has been a leader in hospice and palliative care, compassionately and skillfully providing comprehensive medical, emotional and spiritual care. With a vision to enable patients, their families and loved ones to have a meaningful experience during a difficult time, HHCRI helps people live out their lives with comfort and dignity.