Pediatric Sedation Wall Painting

Pediatric Sedation

Hasbro Children's Hospital is the only dedicated state-of-the-art pediatric emergency facility in the region. Working with pattern and color, the playful images that make up these ceiling tiles and wall painting help to distract and create a feeling of calm while children undergo imaging procedures.

In August 2010, building on the existing theme of sea life throughout the Center for Pediatric Imaging at Hasbro Children's Hospital and Lifespan in Providence, RI, Public Art Works worked to maintain the continuity by using iconic symbols of Rhode Island in the wall paintings. These symbols were created in order that children would make a connection between the wall paintings and the ceiling tiles that were installed in the pediatric sedation center in 2008.

Treasure chests, buoys, lighthouses, and other images associated with marine life and the sea are illustrated in the wall paintings.