10 Bodnar

Christine Bodnar, pastel paintings

Light sets the drama of color and shadow in paintings by artist, Christine Bodnar

"Christine Bodnar's paintings truly bring light to life," said Diana Franchitto, President & CEO of Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island. "We are excited to have this new installment in our first floor gallery of the Philip Hulitar Hospice Center. Many thanks to Christine and Public Art Works for sharing these breathtaking paintings with us!"

"These paintings were inspired by observing daylight at different times of the day. I have always been drawn to the glorious light and color within a dramatic setting. These images speak to me visually and stimulate my senses. We sometimes do not see what the day brings before we wake in the morning or when we leave work and are rushing to get home. The light can be fleeting so one must be quick to respond to its ever changing beauty. For the painter these moments are always exciting and breathtaking; creating the inspiration for a painting, and as a reminder to the glory that light brings each and everyday." - Christine Bodnar

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