Randy Swann Hospice 2018

Randy Swann, painter


Paintings of the Urban Landscape by artist, Randy Swann

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island (Hope Hospice RI), the state's leader in hospice and palliative care since 1976, highlights the work of Rhode Island artists in its eighth season 2018, at its 1085 North Main Street, headquarters in Providence.

The power of Arts in Healing is demonstrated by compelling patient histories and validated by remarkable evidence-based research. As defined by the National Endowment for the Arts, it is "an international movement that works to infuse the full spectrum of the arts into healthcare settings, including design, visual, performing and literary arts, resulting in programs and healthcare environments that are welcoming and uplifting for caregivers, patients, their families and visitors." Public Art Works seeks to enhance the quality of life by making art accessible to all by way of public and private art installations. " – Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Public Art Works.

"As a painter, I am a linear puzzle-maker who loves nothing more than to create compelling shapes and tones and put them together in an interesting manner. I have design sense that leads me to this style of expression, which in turn leads me to love the angles and light of the urban landscape. That has been my artistic world for quite a long time. So, when I came across a cache of vintage panoramic postcards in an antique store, my curiosity was piqued and I sought out comparable scenic views throughout the cities of New Bedford, Fall River, Brockton and Pawtucket. I expanded my canvas to a larger size and expanded my vision. The piece "North End" is an example of this series of larger work.

Complementing these urban vistas are an exploration of buildings in a more rural setting, such as "Miss Kidd's Shed." In these less complicated compositions, I have been able to focus on a smaller set of pieces and dive deeper into the relationships between shapes and colors.

Both are puzzles I enjoy and will continue to seek out in my ongoing artistic journey." - Randy Swann