Diana Franchitto with artist Eleanor Miller

Eleanor Miller, painter

Finding novelty in the common, paintings by Eleanor Miller

Works now on exhibit at Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island 

"Eleanor's ethereal oil paintings evoke a quiet reverence to nature, just in time for spring," said Diana Franchitto, President & CEO of Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island. "We are happy to share Eleanor's work with our patients' family members and other visitors at our Philip Hulitar Hospice Center. Many thanks to Eleanor and Public Art Works for sharing these wonderful paintings with us!"

Of her work painter, Eleanor Miller says, "Painting is the result of quiet observation in nature, that which is obvious to the eye and also what is not obvious. The things that seem ordinary and common are a fascination. Finding novelty in the common, looking at what is primal, archaic and universal is where truth and meaning sits. The beauty lies in the familiarity and intimacy. The images that interest me discuss life's continuing process and the mystery of its evolution. There is balance in the natural world that is driven by survival. Nothing in nature is arbitrary; everything is connected and has a purpose."

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