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Jonathan McPhillips, painter

Contemporary Impressionism and the Art of Jonathan McPhillips

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island (Hope Hospice RI), the state's leader in hospice and palliative care since 1976, highlights the work of Rhode Island artists in its seventh season 2017, at its 1085 North Main Street, headquarters in Providence.

Making art accessible through public and private partnerships is just one of the objectives that makes Public Art Works, a group of professional Rhode Island-based artists, an important entity in the promotion of art in public space. Public Art Works (PAW), began working with Hope Hospice RI toward the end of 2009. "Working with Hope Hospice RI for the past nine years has given us a tremendous amount of gratification in knowing how appreciated and well received the work of each artist is by staff and the families who visit Hope Hospice RI. We have come to learn the positive impact that art has on emotions, attitudes and beliefs and the contribution it can make to greater health and wellness for the individual." – Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Public Art Works.

"Creating art has been a constant in my life. After collegiate studies in modern techniques with traditional influences, I have found my focus in "contemporary impressionism", a form of realism and painterly expression. For me, each painting is a problem to solve, or a puzzle to piece together...a playful, yet serious endeavor, and a celebration of our environment. There is no greater reward than knowing that a painting has somehow captivated a friend or a stranger. Whether the emotion I evoke leads to a purchase, a new workshop participant, or just an extended pause on a gallery browse, it is truly inspiring to know that my interpretations on canvas can be a positive force for others. Maybe that is why I paint. In a world of overt connectivity and brutal digital clarity, painting retains a sense of mystery for us all...a bit of magic...unspoken and unwritten threads connecting our hearts and minds. Through my paintings and instruction, I intend to connect as many threads as I can, for as long as I can".  - Jonathan McPhillips


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