The Spirit of Women as illustrated in paintings by Sandy Coleman

Making art accessible through public and private partnerships is just one of the objectives that makes Public Art Works, a group of professional Rhode Island-based artists, an important entity in the promotion of art in public space. Public Art Works (PAW), began working with HHCRI toward the end of 2009. "Today, healthcare design is increasingly guided by evidence-based design. The goal is to inform a comprehensive design approach to create a healing environment. In this environment, elements of design each earn their way and contribute to a sense of place that fosters confidence, comfort, and healing, and, as such, become important allies to healthcare providers.– Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Public Art Works.

"I am driven by an unrelenting curiosity and a desire to play with a variety of mark-making materials and concepts revolving around the spirit of women. These givers of life are beautiful, powerful and mysterious creatures, who deserve to be paid homage and explored in every medium possible." says artist Sandy Coleman of her work on display at HHCRI. "The openness of being present also leads me to create artwork that reflects my fascination with the rejuvenative nature of circles as well as the unspoken language of patterns (from the patchwork quilts created by my Alabama grandmother to the Kente cloth of my unknown African ancestors and beyond). Most of my pieces are imbued with a texture that invites viewers to come closer to see the work and possibly touch it, thus creating a connection between viewers and me."

Ms. Coleman's work has been featured on HGTV, in Oprah magazine, and in exhibitions at colleges in the Boston and Providence area. "The most treasured sharing of my art is my small-but-meaningful contribution to the effort to help the victims of domestic abuse by designing an original ceramic plate every two years to be auctioned off at the REACH for the Stars celebrity fundraising event." - Sandy Coleman

Artists interested in submitting their work may visit for additional information. For more information about Home & Hospice Care of Rhode Island's services, visit or call 401-415-4200.