03 Hanks

Lee Bergwall Hanks, watercolors

Large scale expressive floral paintings in watercolor by Lee Bergwall Hanks on exhibit at Hope Hospice and Palliative Care Rhode Island

"Growing up in Amherst, New York my interest in art started early and developed with great art programs during my high school years and later at Ohio University. While studying for my masters at the State University of New York at Buffalo, I had wonderful teachers who gave me a great foundation. They taught me the discipline that I needed which allowed me to grow and develop into the artist that I am today.

During graduate school I studied lithography and intaglio printmaking and worked in those mediums for many years. Those early prints are where my real interest in architecture began.

For the last thirty five years I have specialized in watercolor painting, and have focused on the themes of flowers and architecture as subjects. My work is done in a photo realistic style. Elements of my paintings include an attention to detail and ornamentation, light and shadow, abstract qualities and the strength of the composition. While traveling, gardening, kayaking, skiing, hiking or spending time with family and friends my eyes are always open to the possibilities that present themselves as subject matter for new paintings." - Lee Bergwall Hanks

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