Watercolors by Joan Thompson Boghossian

I am not a verbal person, nor do I enjoy talking about my work. I feel a painting or photograph should speak for itself. If not, the artist hasn't expressed himself well.

For myself, painting with the early morning and late afternoon light gives the most startling contrasts and a very special glow that outdoor painters enjoy the most. I prefer to paint outdoors, but I do use my own photographs on many occasions for reference material; especially for figures and architecture, and to capture the ever-changing light. Working in all media is a challenge to a relatively new painter for each medium has a special quality and each seems to work well for different subjects. I tend to simplify the subject by using a hard edge to obtain the feeling I want.

When first starting I don't know what I am trying to achieve with my paintings. But after each piece is finished in my eyes, I realize that I have accomplished all that I wanted. Painting is an obsession that requires nothing but starting out with an idea and enjoying the process of creating something beautiful for the soul.

Joan Thompson Boghossian 

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