12 JimKociubaEarlyFallMapleAcrylic 36x48

Jim Kociuba, painter

The subjects are tightly cropped tree studies. The common thread in my work is my goal to portray light that passes through as well as light that passes between the leaves. The Japanese language has a single word, Komorebi, which describes light that passes through the leaves of trees.

The process is a deliberate building up of diagonal hand painted pixels to mimic the shapes of leaves, tree limbs, and the sky beyond. Although the process may seem tedious, my state of mind while painting these is quite relaxed, similar to meditation.

My hope is to bring the viewer a sense of being closer to the slowed pulse of nature with these paintings.



03 Kociuba Komorebi Blush  11 JimKociubaJumping the FenceAcrylic 48x36