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David Lee Black, photography

"Photography is simply a function of noticing things."  ~Elliott Erwitt

David has embarked on a never-ending pilgrimage. His journey of image creation touches both the simple and sublime en route. While immersed in the places, people and events that have become his vision and guide, David's photographs are meant to evoke the emotional and spiritual interactions with the natural moment at hand. David's photos invite those who view them to share in this captured sense of wonder. David's photos project a sense of beautiful, ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings — he's a master of the "decisive moment."

Along with his appreciation of the craft of photography and the stories it can tell, David is an accomplished musician, educator and expressive arts therapist. Along with his photography, David has woven his passions and talents together in a series of educational artistic workshops titled Creating Your Vision where he leads a growing community of photographers of all skill levels in collaborative and experiential exercises while exploring the art of image making

"My photographs are an attempt to understand the process of creation. They represent a pilgrimage seeking answers to which the questions as well as the answers are wordless. I regard photography not just as a way of seeing but as a way of living, a search or a journey worth making."

-David Lee Black

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